1. How & when will I receive my photos?

We will send out a photo gallery web link through email, text message, FB messenger, or Instagram DM (whichever you prefer) that will include all of the un-edited photos from your shoot. You will receive this gallery about 3-5 days after the photoshoot. You will need to look thru the gallery and choose your favorites for us to edit (instructions on how to do this coming soon). We will then post a few of your pictures on social media as a sneak peek for everyone to see & share. All of your favorites will be edited and available to you in the same gallery in about 4 to 8 weeks (this all depends on what time of year & how busy we are). You will be able to view & save the photos from the gallery as well as purchase prints & additional products if you choose to do so.   

2. How do I download & save photos to my cell phone?

See screenshots below for photo download instructions:

step 1step 1 step 2step 2 step 3step 3















3. When do you start accepting applications for the Senior Model/Rep Team?

You can apply starting at midnight on January 1st of your Junior year of high school right here on our website at

4. Do you offer a payment plan or any kind of payment arrangements?

Yes we do! You can apply for AfterPay directly thru the invoice we send you. You will get an approval decision within seconds.